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Planejamento de Pesquisa em Psicologia (2020) – versão EAD

Lema comum a todas às disciplinas e demais informações deste site:

In the year of our Lord 1432, there arose a grievous quarrel among the brethren of a monastery over the number of teeth in the mouth of a horse. For thirteen days the disputation raged without ceasing. All the ancient books and chronicles were fetched out, and wonderful and ponderous erudition, such as was never heard of in this region, was made manifest. At the beginning of the fourteenth day, a youthful friar of goodly bearing asked his learned superiors for permission to add a word.
Straightaway, to the wonder of the disputants whose deep wisdom he sorely vexed, he beseeched them to unbend in a manner coarse and unheard of, and to look in the mouth of a horse to find an answer to their questioning. At this, their dignity being greatly hurt, they waxed exceeding wroth; and joining in a mighty uproar, they fell upon him, hip and thigh, and cast him out forthwith. For, said they, surely Satan hath tempted this bold neophyte to declare unholy and unheard of ways of finding truth contrary to all the teachings of their fathers!
Atribuído a Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

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