Atividades preparatórias – (10) – 28/10

Atividades preparatórias da disciplina ppp de 2020

11ª aula – 04/11
  • Andrews, F. M., Klem, L., Davidson, T. N., O’Malley, P. M., & Rodgers, W. L. (1981). A guide for selecting statistical techniques for analyzing social science data (2nd Ed.). Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research. disponível na URL
  • Cohen, J. (1994). The earth is round (p < .05). American Psychologist, 49(12), 997-1003. periodicos.capes
  • Desrosières, A. (1998/1993). The politics of large numbers: A history of statistical reasoning. Cambridge, MA: Harvard U Press (original: La politique des grandes numbers: Histoire de la raison statistique).
  • Günther, H., & Damasio, M. F. (2015). Nivel de significância.
  • Rosnow, R. L., & Rosenthal, R. (1989). Statistical procedures and the justication of knowledge in psychological science. American Psychologist, 44(10), 1276-1284. periodicos.capes
Tufte – apresentação gráfica
  • Tufte, E. R. (1983). The visual display of quantitative information. Chesire, CT: Graphics Press.
  • Tufte, E. R. (1990). Envisioning information. Chesire, CT: Graphics Press.
  • Tufte, E. R. (1997). Visual explanations: Images and quantities, evidence and narrative.